Sunday, August 2, 2009

We have a baby girl!!

Meet Maggie Hemrich. She is a minature pinscher. We got her yesterday & all is going well. I'm afraid she might have a headache from Kade yelling her name. We are enjoying our new house. Stop by if you are out this way.



Anonymous said...


We have had 4 min pins...they are great just need to watch where you sit..they like to get under blankets,etc...the one we have now is 15 years old and when she is gone were are NOT getting another one...she is so cute!

Terri Wolf ( Lisa Rauch's sister

Mindy said...

She is adorable! I am glad Terri told about the blankets, that explains a lot with our little one. Our Elizabeth is a mix between a toy poodle and a min pin, we call her a "pinchapoo" (she weighs 6 lbs) but she, unlike her mother, is ALWAYS wrapping herself up in a blanket. Never realized that was a real trait. Lizzie is going on 3 and has always stayed a puppy, she plays and is very lively. Hope Maggie is the same!