Thursday, December 1, 2011


Another successful year here at the Hemrich house. We’ve had many blessings yet again & are so grateful to God & all His goodness.
We started the year with a trip to Vegas for Rob & I. We had a big summer bash on July 4th. We took quite a few small but exciting trips with and without the kids, where lots of memories were made.
Rob got a very special gift for my birthday– he got “Kelly” tattooed on his arm!!! (see photo on card) We will celebrate 18 years of marriage on June 18th– WOW! It just keeps getting better! I will celebrate 5 years CANCER FREE on April 12th!!! I am planning a large party this summer to celebrate!!!! I will also have a BIG birthday in the fall– sounds like another reason for a PARTY!!!
Our house turned 100 years old this year. Our children are the 5th generation of my family to live here. We really like living on the farm.
Jordan will be 16 years old on December 7th!!! He is doing well in his second year at NCHS. He played football again this year & we are really looking forward to him being able to drive to practice next year. He still loves motorcycles. We are glad he is a hard worker & is able to fund this hobby (mostly). Jordan shot his first 8 point buck this fall. I think he has the “fever” now.
Garrett turned 13 this year. He is in the 8th grade at St. Thomas. He joined Jordan in the corn fields this year detasseling. He has started hunting this year with a bow & arrow– still waiting for his first deer.
Kade is in the forth grade at St. Thomas. He turned 9 years old this year. Never a dull moment with Kade around. His right hand dog is Jack. They are never far apart. Kade got his “green card” this summer. He has not really been hunting, but is proud of his card. That and camping on the river with Uncle Josh were his highlights of the year.
Rob has been working at Sherwin Williams for 18 years. Kelly has been working at The Robinson Smile Center for 8 years and is enjoying her 7th year in her Mary Kay business.
Looking forward to another great year!!! God Bless,
The Hemrich’s


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